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by Robert gave Country Park Practice a rating of 5 stars


GPs and support staff are all friendly, helpful and knowledgeable, and I have always been able to book a same day appointment by visiting the surgery at opening time, 8am. Referral to hospital consultants for any specialist help has always been prompt and efficient, and I really can't fault this practice.

Visited in September 2019, Posted on 05 September 2019

by Kath Fields gave Country Park Practice a rating of 5 stars

Nice GP Practice

I had an appointment today and it was really helpful. After having a very bad few months with someone very dear to me dying, they have been very helpful and very understanding. Especially when I get confused over things. They are all very good people. It is a good place to go when you need some help. Always nice.

Visited in July 2019, Posted on 19 July 2019

by Gillian Fitt gave Country Park Practice a rating of 5 stars

new practice nurse

After having surgery at st George's Hospital to remove lower right of my lung, I came to country park practice to have stitches removed by new practice nurse, which was done, the practice nurse noticed one of wounds wasn't healing as it should, On 18th April I saw the practice nurse to have dressing changed, after having my blood pressure, Temperature and heart rate monited the nurse was very concerned and called Croydon hospital, I went to A&E Dept, where I had blood tests and ECG, they found I had a very serious bug in my wound, and needed immediate IV Antibiotics, I was kept in hospital until 25th April, I'm so grateful to new practice nurse for being thorough and caring because this infection could have made me very unwell, the new practice nurse is still dressing my wound 3 times a week, and always checks me over, I've had a very bad few months after my mum passing away in December 2018, being treated with compassion and dignity means a lot to me, I feel the practice nurse has gone above and beyond to make me feel better

Visited in April 2019, Posted on 01 May 2019

by Anonymous gave Country Park Practice a rating of 5 stars

Very Good Service

I've always had a very good & helpful service from the Nursing staff and Doctors. It Can be a bit busy depending on when calling for appointments but I always have gotten through in the end. No Problem on prescriptions I find , just allow enough time for processing.

Visited in April 2019, Posted on 15 April 2019