Healthier Together

Created by local experts in child health, Healthier Together is a brand new website which provides information on common childhood health concerns such as fever and breathing problems.


On the website you will find information about a range of health concerns, all of which have been created by child health specialists, GPs and clinicians in South West London. 


The handy traffic light system allows you to check symptoms and advises you on whether you should seek further medical help. If extra help is needed, the tool will save you time by pointing you towards the most appropriate service to get the best care for your child.  


Healthier Together is designed to support pregnant women and parents and carers of children in South West London. Young people can also use the website to find information on topics such as mental and sexual health.   


"It’s like a mini doctor for you at home, that’s how it is, that’s how I see it. It gives all information, what should I do, in what cases I need to go to hospital or how I can treat my baby at home." - Parent and user of Healthier Together